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A French city with a long name is the Roissy-Aéroport-Charles-de-Gaulle. It is also known as Roissy for short. It can be found in the north east of Paris. It holds one of the world’s major aviation centers carrying its name Roissy-Aéroport-Charles-de-Gaulle. This is also where the main airport of the country resides. So where has it gotten its name It came from the leader of the forces of the Free French. Charles de Gaulle was the founder of the Fifth Republic of the country as well. Mer de Sable and Astérix Park are among the leisure parks or safari parks you should check out when you’re with family or kids. For exhibition trades and market halls, check out Villepinte’s Exhibition Centre for some shopping.Many other sites are up for discovery on a weekend Roissy-Aéroport-Charles-de-Gaulle has to offer. So start planning your vacation by searching for hotels in Roissy-Aéroport-Charles-de-Gaulle. provides a list of ]hotels available in the city. So whatever budget you may have you can find cheap  hotels to expensive yet discount hotels Roissy-Aéroport-Charles-de-Gaulle has to offer.