Hotels in Arcueil

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Arcueil Details

Arcueil is located just south of Paris. This historic town with a population of 20,000 inhabitants provides for a most delightful visit on the weekend. Arcueil is known throughout France as the town of arches, and one of the attractions that define this identity is the Lédifice, a kilometer long structure of 77 arches, each measuring 41 meters high. Other historical attractions include the 17th century La Maison des Gardes and the magnificent 12th century church of Léglise Saint-Denys. If you enjoy being around nature, you can enjoy various outdoor activities at the Parc du Coteau and Ville Verte. Another place of great historical significance is the Rue de la Convention, where Marie Curie made her studies about radioactivity.Hotels in Arcueil are located in various strategic locations around the town. If you are looking for Arcueil cheap hotels, you may want to visit the travel site, where you can find a good selection of discount hotels. Arcueil can be explored through various travel packages, which include guided tours and accommodation at quality Arcueil hotels.