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        Bry sur Marne is a commune located in France less than 8 miles from the heart of Paris. Bry sur Marne is actually considered in the suburbs of Paris, France so if finding hotels in Bry sur Marne proves difficult; you're right next door to the wondrous city of Paris. However, with the help of, you'll have no trouble finding luxurious or discount hotels. Bry sur Marne has a population of 15,000 so you'll many interesting and fun things to see and do. Transportation here includes a railway, motorway and rapid transit system. They also have a large hospital in this commune. One particular piece of cultural interest is a diorama painting by Louis Daguerre, which is still kept in the local church. The interest in this painting is how it changes from day to night with the candlesticks lighting up at night.When searching for Bry sur Marne hotels, mention your interests and hobbies to, as they'll find lodging near many of your interests. Many of the hotels, even the Bry sur Marne cheap hotels, also have many attractions and events going on right inside the hotels. Sar Salam is a restaurant in Bry sur Marne that is worth checking out. If you're concerned about falling off your diet or not getting enough exercise while vacationing in Bry sur Marne, you can always go to the Clemencau Gym, where you'll find a very well equipped gymnasium with state-of-the-art equipment. The Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport offers transportation for tourists coming and leaving Bry sur Marne. If the children are bored, you can also take them to Eurodisney (Disneyland Resort Paris), which is a short drive away, but great for an entire day of fun.