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Cachan is a very old town with a population of 25,000 inhabitants. It is foremost known throughout France for its historic aqueducts. The waters flowing in some of the aqueducts come from the Vallée de la Bièvre. The oldest of the aqueducts is the Laqueduc Romain, which was constructed in the 2nd century. The 17th century Laqueduc Médicis and the Laqueduc de Belgrand are also very impressive structures that attract many tourists. Most of the aqueducts in Cachan are located close to the Manoir des Arcs Renaissance. Another place you can visit is the 18th century old folks home called the Hospice Raspail. You can find many Cachan hotels that are located close to the aqueducts, and some of them are discount hotels. Cachan attracts numerous visitors during the weekend. Cachan has many different grades of hotels to suit different budgets and preferences. If you are looking for Cachan cheap hotels, you can find out about their locations and availability at the travel site. Some of the hotels in Cachan offer guided tours to all the aqueducts and other places of interest.