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Créteil is located barely 15 kilometers southeast of Paris. Most of the visitors to Créteil stay here since they want to visit Paris for the weekend. Créteil can be considered strategic because of its proximity to Paris but youll be surprised as the town has also some interesting places to visit. Eglise Saint-Christophe is a gothic church that was built during the 13th century and it features the classic Roman-Gothic architecture. Créteil has also conserved the Château des Mèches, Marché Métallique and Ancien Hôtel the civil structures of Créteil which were build during the 1800s. The village is also famous around France as the host the International Festival of Women's Films every March.There are hotels in Créteil that can easily accommodate your needs since most of them are discount hotels. Créteil has tours that can be booked in advance and you can also have the reservation through Créteil hotels can arrange a guided tour for you in Paris. Remember when you visit Paris, Créteil cheap hotels is your best bet for better rates and service. Book your Créteil hotels in advance during March to avoid being left out for the festival.