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Located in the southeast portion of Paris, Joinville-le-Pont is usually taken by tourists who want to visit in Paris for the weekend. Joinville-le-Pont is just 20 minutes from the Paris. However, there are tourists who come to this place to visit the some of beautiful spots in the commune. Among them is the Pont de Joinville which was rebuilt before the Second World War. This viaduct was constructed to access the L'île Fanac, an agricultural village of Joinville-le-Pont and became a heritage site since 1930. Next is the Château de Parangon which was built during the 17th century. Youll also find in this town the Eglise Saint-Charles that was built in 1860 featuring a beautiful bell tower. When you visit Joinville-le-Pont, cheap hotels can be booked online in Of course, there are also some discount hotels. Joinville-le-Pont has a good range of accommodation alternatives. If you ask for it, Joinville-le-Pont hotels can arrange a day trip for you in Paris or the town. With such proximity, hotels in Joinville-le-Pont are your perfect choice for a great weekend in Paris.