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    If you want to be near Paris, but not too near, then you have to go to Orly Ville. For a quick and quiet weekend, Orly Ville is a perfect spot for visitors who want to go to Paris easily but also desire the respite of a simple village. With a total population of less than 3,000, this is the perfect place to be near Magny le Hongre where you can visit the Disneyland Resort Paris and the Golf Disneyland Paris. The town itself has attractions of its own. Theres the L'église Saint-Germain destroyed in the 12th century and was fortunately restored during the 20th century. Theres also Le Château du Parc Méliès which is a 19th century mansion that belonged to the former mayor of the village.There are hotels in Orly Ville that offer great rates and you can find them in Orly Ville hotels can provide you with the transportation and the tour guide that you will need to have a pleasing vacation. The discount hotels Orly Ville offers are set to take care of you while Orly Ville cheap hotels are sure to make your getaway that much more worthwhile.