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      There are many small islands in France that lie in close proximity to towns and cities so that among the country's attractions is heading on to them. One of these islands is the Ile de Bendor, which is near to the town as Bandol. As a result, going to this island has become one of the most popular activities in Bandol that visitors like to do, especially during summers.One of the blessings to tourists that can be found in Bandol are the regular boat services that leave town for the island of Bendor. These boats usually leave from the heart of the old port that is located quite near the town hall. The trips, which are just short and inexpensive, is well worth every penny considering that the small private island of Bendor is quite amazing. Heavily associated with Paul Richard, who is a local drinks magnate, the island offers beautiful natural sceneries as well as a number of museums. This makes going to the island really one of the more worthy activities in Bandol to be included in the itinerary of any tourist.