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In the midst of olive fields and vineyards, sits the village of Bras. From hotels in Bras, you have access to some of the finest beaches in the French Riviera. Use the town as a base to explore the beautiful countryside. Meander along the quiet streets to view the Mediterranean Sea. provides you with Bras hotels suitable to your budget. From their windows, you can see the major attraction of Bras. The natural glories include the forests of pine and oak. If you wander just out of town, you can take in the roaring and tumbling waters of the Tombereau. Spelunkers opt for the clean cheap Bras hotels. This allows them time to explore the network of caves.In town, the two main sights reflect the town’s old ties with the Knights Templar. They arrived in the 13th century. You can visit the Hospital of St. John. Attached is the Templar Knight’s Chapel dating from 1220. Take time to admire the turreted homes that dot the landscape of the older town. Sit outside your Bras hotel in a small café eating goat cheese and breathing in the strong scent of lavender. These are the simple but satisfying attractions of Bras.