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La Croix-Valmer has a total population that nears 3,000. However, in a summer weekend, La Croix-Valmer accommodates visitors numbering more than their total population. This town is famous for its 7 beaches each with accommodations and water sports for everyone. Plage de Gigaro is probably the biggest and the known beach of all. The town is also never lacking in beautiful structures. Maison des Peres du Saint Esprit was built in 1900 as a government structure but it now serves as the house for retired priests and nuns of the country. Built at the same time is the Parc Hotel. Intended to be an orphanage, it was abandoned and now converted as a hotel. You can also taste their famous wine the Rose along Route de Vins. There are many hotels in La Croix-Valmer that can accommodate you during your vacation. has a good list of La Croix-Valmer hotels and most of them can be regarded as discount hotels. La Croix-Valmer offers various water activities that you can enjoy. If you are on a tight budget, La Croix-Valmer cheap hotels can be your alternative.