Hotels in Nans les Pins

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Nans les Pins Details

South of St. Maxine is the quaint Provençal town of Nans les Pins. The foothills of Chaîne de la St. Baume provide an impressive scenic backdrop. The ruins of a 12th century medieval castle enhance the village’s charm. This site is clear from the widows of many a hotel in Nans les Pins. ensures you can see the ruins and the town’s other attractions.Nans les Pins is the start of many a hiker’s route. They stay overnight in comfortable budget Nans les Pins hotels before setting out into the foothills. Those who stay for the day choose to view the frescoes of the Church of St Laurent and Saint Sebastian. An even greater draw is the Chapelle des Pénitents Blanc. This building dates from the 13th century with renovations from the 18th. It features a fine altar from the Carolingian period. From an earlier period are the ruins of the earlier town. You can reach all attractions easily from Nans les Pins hotels.