Hotels in Pierrefeu du Var

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Pierrefeu du Var Details

Pierrefeu du Var is a small village atop a hill in Provence. The old village contains a “Sarassin” quarter. Its narrow streets recapture medieval times. St. Jacques Church, originally medieval, underwent an 18th century restoration. It possesses an interesting square bell tower. You can see the campanile from many a window of the hotels in Pierrefeu du Var. Also visible is another example of sacred architecture - the Chapel St. Croix. The memorial to the dirigible Dixmunde, however, is a modern sculpture. Dixmunde left the hangars in Pierrefeu du Var for the last time in 1923. It exploded over the Sicilian coast. Fifty men perishedLeave your Pierrefeu du Var hotel on market day. It is in the centrally located Place Gambetta. Here, you can select the best in local produce. Enjoy it later within your room in a family-run budget Pierrefeu du Var hotel. You can also savor it as you walk or sit beside the fire fountain in the Place de la Concorde. Be sure to admire the amazing trompe l’oeil mural as you sit in the center of the village. Enjoy wine from one of the many famous local wineries. Sit back and be glad you used