Hotels in Chapelle Notre Dame de Pépiole

      Chapelle Notre Dame de Pépiole Details

      France has many attractions that will surely capture the attention of tourists. One of these is the Chapelle Notre Dame de Pepiole, which is undoubtedly also one of the attractions in Six Fours Les Plages. Included in the list of historic buildings in the year 1967, the chapel dates way back to the Carolingienne time or the 5th century.One of the oldest chapels in Europe, some of the more modern additions to the chapel were from the 11th century in a pre-Romanesque style that is quite admired by a lot of people. Being a very ancient chapel, the exact dates for its foundation is not yet known. Being among the attractions in Six Fours Les Plages that have captured the attention of a lot of people, the chapel features 3 aisles juxtaposed apses. In all of these apses, you will be able to see a bell and a bell tower.