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      The town of Toulon is suffused with an abundance of natural beauty, and there are quite a lot of people who come here only to partake of its natural offerings. Aside from having a beautiful forest, the town also boasts of having a mountain, Mont Faron, which is one of the popular attractions in the area. At the summit of this mountain, you can take in the best sights of Toulon that you can truly appreciate from a vantage point.Mont Faron is one of the highest points in the area where the town is located. The summit of the mountain, which towers over Toulon's naval port, can be accessed by a number of different ways and these include getting on a cable car from the town and hiking or trekking on the tracks and pathways that run up its side. Once you have reached the summit, you will not only be able to get to view the sights of Toulon but also see the war memorial that was erected to commemorate the Allied Forces who died during World War II.

      Address: Mont Faron 83200 Toulon, France