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    Near the Donzère-Mondragon canal is the village of Bollène. An ancient town, Bollène has witnessed the coming and going of many civilizations. Within, you can see the remains of the older city. Here, stand a walled circle of houses and several old “portes.” Without, in Barry, stand the remains of another civilization – the Village of the Troglodytes. Those who are heading off to Barry, often book a hotel in Bollène. They spend overnight before heading off again along the ancient trail. Another route, the Roma Via Agrippa placed Bollène on the map. It made it a commercial and market town. Many farmers spent their night in cheap Bollène hotels. They did not have to make arrangements easier.Bollène remains interesting. Do book a room in a comfortable Bollène hotel. The 11th, 14th and 15th century Collegiate Church of St. Martin features high domed ceilings and lofty arches. The 19th century Bollène Hotel de Ville reveals a different architectural influence. As you wander through the old quarter pay attention to the little details. Be sure to look closely at the doors of many of the old fine homes. They are intricately and sometimes lavishly decorated.