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      Sobirats Museum Details

      There are so many places that you can go to in France where you can take a journey back in time. These places are mostly attractions that depict such eras that have gone by like grandiose centuries old houses, museums or monuments. One of these is the Sobirats Museum, which is definitely one of the major contributors to the revenues of the tourism of Carpentras.Regarded more as a house than as a museum, this magnificent private residence was opened to the public so the splendid collection of art works, furniture and other objects d'arts that are contained within can be discovered and perused by many. As a player in the tourism of Carpentras, most of the pieces that can be found in the museum date way back to Louis XV's time. However, there are also some substantial parts of the museum's collection that pertain to the time of Louis XVI and those that came after him.