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      Petrargue Museum Details

      There are many museums in France that are dedicated to the life and works of great people. Because of this, it can be highly expected that there are a number of such museums in every town and city in the country. One of such museums is the Petrargue Museum, which is among the most frequented attractions in Fontaine de Vaucuse.The museum, which can be found near the river, was named after Petrargue, a great poet, humanist and scholar, because it centers on his many works. As one of the attractions in Fontaine de Vaucuse, the museum features a great deal of artifacts pertaining to the life of the great man as well as many of his original manuscripts. Petrargue was among the more popular fathers of the Rebirth. With Dante, the man aided in changing the traditional ways of thinking. He was part of the movement that opened a literary and philosophical debate that still rages on until now.

      Address: Rive Gauche de la Sorgue, Fontaine de Vaucluse, France