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Visitors lodging at the discount hotels in Gargas are very close to the world famous Grottede Gargas, prehistoric caves with paintings and engravings from decades past. Examples of engravings exist from as far back as 100,000 BC and over 250 handprints have been found that appear to be at least 25,000 years old. The Dargilan Cave is another nearby cave that is known for its stalactite structures and is one of the largest in Europe.The Musee of Histoire can be found in a former paper factory. This museum honors the resistance during World War II and shows scenes of everyday life and the difficulties faced by local people during the war. The Musee Goya is an interesting museum in the area and focuses on Spanish art. Its collection includes prints and paintings. Budget hotels in Gargas are also near the Castle Gordes which was built in 1540. This fortified castle is richly decorated and a museum is open to the public.