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Le Thor is a lovely little town which is located in the Vaucluse department. This is in the middle of the Sorgues River area, which lies in the south of France. The river crosses through the city in several places, and runs out of Le Thor into the surrounding mountainous countryside. Hiking and mountain biking are popular in this area. The tourist will find many interesting attractions to visit while taking a holiday in Le Thor. The beautiful Church Our Lady of the Lake has been an integral part of Le Thor since the 12th century. Also known as the Notre Dame du Lac, this attraction was listed as an historic French monument back in the 1840s. There are budget hotels in Le Thor that are within close proximity of the most visited attractions in and around the city.If visiting Le Thor, you will want to take a walk up the lovely Thouzon Hill to investigate the structure at the top of it that seems to be a castle. Instead, you will find the ruins of a monastery, which was built during the Middle Ages and fortified during that time. There is another local attraction called Thouzon Cave, which interests many Le Thor visitors. Open to the public, the locals know it as Grotte de Thouzon, and it is 2 km away from Le Thor. Here, you will see many varieties of cave fossils. You will find that one of the discount hotels in Le Thor is the perfect place for you to call home while traveling in France.