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Located southwest of France, Mazan is a small town known for its wine, the Côtes de Ventoux. If you stay there for the weekend, Mazan will educate you on the origins of its wines and the name, which is based on Mont Ventoux. This mountain is worth visiting for nature loving hikers. In Mazan, you will also find the Château de Sade which was owned by the infamous Marquis de Sade. The town also has chapels and sarcophagus that are named the Chapel of Pareloup and Allée des Sarcophages. You can easily learn them virtually when you visit the towns museum, the Historical and Folk Museum of Mazan which is open from mid-June to mid-September.When in Mazan, cheap hotels can be found near the historical structures. The Mazan hotels can arrange a tour guide for you and your family where you can see the local tradition and features of the area. You can easily book some of the discount hotels Mazan provides in The hotels in Mazan can also be found near the mountain where you can enjoy a relaxing weekend in one of the worlds most famous places for wine making.