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      Roman Theater Details

      One of the best attractions in Orange that many tourists like to include in their itinerary is the Roman Theater. Known locally as the Theater Romain, this theater is one of the finest antiquities in town that has been preserved quite well.Located in the southern part of the inner city, the Roman Theater was set up at the start of the Imperial era, which was in the first century A.D. However, this was said to be renewed in the next century. Proclaimed as one of the greatest attractions in Orange, the theater gives a good idea of what a Roman theatrical auditorium is really like. The back walls of this several stories high theater is made of massive stone blocks. It towers over every other building in its area with its height of 38 m and width of 103 m. The rich decorations of the theater are still intact and its circles and tiers of stepped seats that seats 7,000 people are supported against the hillside. The government of Orange has also retained the statue of Emperor Augustus in the Roman Theater.

      Address: Rue Madeleine Roch, 84100 Orange, France