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Found in the Canton of Sault, Saint-Christol-d'Albion is a 4704 hectare city known for its mushrooms, honey, goats milk and cheese, German wheat, lavender, and candied fruits. Saint-Christol-d'Albion boasts a rich starry sky where rains of shooting stars are very common, something unique to this location. In fact, they already have names and schedules. Sometime in the second week of August is when the Perséïdes occurs. This one is near Persée eta. Close to the Orion is where the shooting star rain Orionides occurs during the early half of October. Come end of the first half of November is Léonides rain near the dzêta Lion. Lastly, it is the rain Andromèdides near Andromède gamma that occurs on the early second half of November. During these dates, try visiting the Observatory of High-Provence over the weekend. Saint-Christol-d'Albion will show you how lovely their shooting star rains are!There are a number of Saint-Christol-d'Albion hotels in the city. You wont have any problems searching for hotels in Saint-Christol-d'Albion especially when you use Its also a great tool to find Saint-Christol-d'Albion cheap hotels near fascinating picturesque places like Le Mont Ventoux or Les Gorges De La Nesque, as well as the lovely valleys of Le Val de Sault and La Vallee Du Toulourenc. Find discount hotels Saint-Christol-d'Albion features for more savings