Hotels in Vaison la Romaine

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Vaison la Romaine Details

Northeast of Orange and Avignon, on the Ouvèze River is Vaison la Romaine. Once a Celtic city, this town became the property of the Romans in the 2nd century B.C. Today, people flock to see the ruins. They stay in hotels in Vaison la Romaine overnight to visit the town’s major attractions. makes finding the right place to stay, here, a snap. It will locate for you even the best budget Vaison la Romaine hotels closest to the archeological sites.You can locate the Roman ruins at Quartier de Puymin and Quartier de Villasse. Puymin contains the splendid 6,000-seat theater. It is also home to Pompey’s Portico and the House of Messii. Here, you can view some exquisite mosaics. At Villasse, there are the remains of workshops, small shops and the House of the Silver Bust. You can see the bust at the Musée Archélogique. It resides here with other artifacts. It is not far from the Museum to the Medieval Quarter. You can reach it from various Vaison la Romaine hotels. Cross over the connecting original Roman Bridge. Be sure to take in the historically diverse architecture of the Notre Dame de Nazareth Cathedral. This church has a 12th and 13th century cloister with ancient Roman, sculpted columns as well as a Romanesque base.