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Velleron Details

The town of Velleron used to be a spa resort town in the early days. Whats left of the resort is now in ruins but the alkaline waters is still there and people often go to Velleron because of the therapeutic value of this water. Because the town was visited by many people, youll find various constructions during the early days. Although in ruins, the 18th century hospital is still worth a visit. Youll find a fountain there that still functions though it was built at the same time as the hospital. St. Michael Church is totally renovated from its 17th century design but the church still kept the pulpit as a testament of what the church has been. To top it all is the Velleron Château, also built during these times. Located in Place de Château, this important structure is hard to miss.Its recommended that you go this place during the weekends. Velleron has three market days but Saturday is their main market day. The hotels in Velleron are usually teeming with bargain hunters especially those who are looking for great agricultural finds. Velleron hotels are also located close to the market place so its not hard to find one of the Velleron cheap hotels. You can also go to to book a room before you arrive there. In this site, its really easy to get the best discount hotels Velleron.