Hotels in Venasque

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Venasque Details

One of the most beautiful villages in all of Provençe is Venasque. It sits among the wild Vaucluse Hills. It is a place of natural beauty. High on the hills, the village was once a place of strategic significance. To guard the land the inhabitants built fortified walls. To discover this and other attractions, use It will help you find a suitable hotel in Venasque.There are several sights of interest in the village. These include an 18th century fountain and the ruins of a fortified château within the centre of the village. You can reach it from most Venasque hotels. Of particular interest to visitors is the Merovingian Baptistery. It is behind the 13th century Église du Notre Dame. The Baptistery is among the oldest surviving Christian buildings in France. It uses columns from the former Roman Temple in its construction. The church features a high campanile and fearsome gargoyles. If you want to explore more than the village, check out the comfortable budget Venasque hotels. You can then visit the Roman ruins nearby.