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      Vendée has a bitter historical past. Home to the Royalist of the Ancien Régime, the counter-revolution saw the death of some 80,000 in one day. Today, the history of this tragic event comes alive at Cinéscence and in the Chabotterie Museum. You can experience another type of historical heritage at Puy du Foy. This attraction, born from the resurrection of the ruins of the Château du Foy, is now an amusement theme park. As such, it is a Vendée major attraction. You can reach it from such places as Chambretaud. A popular Chambretaud activity is golf. You can also leave this village to visit the beautiful Veneau beaches of La Tranche-sur-Mer, Notre-Dame-de-Monts and Les Sables-dOlonne. Another Chambretaud excursion is to the coastal islands of the le dYeu and the le de Noirmoutier. Another option is Green Venice. This is the Poitevin Marsh with its bird sanctuaries.