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More known as an industrial city, Challans is the preferred town of more than 100 companies because of its industrial park. However, there are also places of interest for visitors to see. Among them is the 12th century L'abbaye de Coudrie. Though parts of it were burned during the 15th century the church is still a sight to behold. Theres also the L'église Notre Dame, a neo-Gothic church with a clock tower. For a dash of nonchalance, check out a simple house called the Le souvenir de Louis XIII where the king was known to have stayed there for a night and finally is the Le Château de la Vérie, a 9th century castle thats now a hotel.The hotels in Challans are placed in strategic streets where you can see most of the sights. Some of the rooms in the Challans hotels offer a great view of churches or even the castle. These Challans cheap hotels are available in and some of them are luxury discount hotels. Challans will never let you down if you want to have a historical weekend. Challans has more than enough sites for you to visit.