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On the slopes down to the River Vendée lies Fontenay le Comte. It is home to the elegant Château de Terre Neuve. It was once home to the famous French poet, Nicolas Rapin. Devotees stay in local hotels in Fontenay le Comte to visit this shrine. They admire the high ceilings of the interior, the two fireplaces and the graceful surroundings. There is the Statue of the Muses. may help you locate a room in this Château, now a Fontenay le Comte hotel.Fontenay le Comte is also the site of many Renaissance buildings. There is the former palace of the Bishops of Maillezais. Its corner turret stands out on the Rue du Pont aux Chèvres. Leave your gracious Fontenay le Comte hotel to wander the arcaded Place Belliard, once the meeting place of François Rabelais and N. Rapin. Sit beside the Quatre-Tias Fountain in La rue de Fontaine. The Fountain proudly bears the village’s motto “A Fountainhead of Fine Spirits.” Stop and look up at the commanding spire of the Church of Notre Dame. Before you head back to one of the comfortable budget Fontenay le Comte hotels, visit the Musée Vendéen. Here, you can peruse archeological finds and discover the village’s cultural daily life. There is also an amazing scale model of Fontenay le Comte during the Renaissance era.