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      The region of Vienne is in the French province of Poitou. It is home to a number of old churches, including the 11th century Abbey church and bell tower at St. Savin. The Church also has a Gothic spire. Inside, you see Romanesque frescoes based on the history of the Old Testament. In Poitiers, you have the choice of several churches. The main Poitiers ecclesial attractions include St. Hilary the Great Church. It dates from the 6th century to 11th with an 11th century bell tower and 12th century nave. The Church of St. John the Baptist is polygonal in shape. This 4th century building is Poitiers oldest cultural icon. It, in fact, is one of the oldest church structures in France. Another Poitiers cultural site is the Cathedral of St. Pierre with its 13th century carved wooden choir stalls. Another popular Poitiers sight is the very modern technological and communications savy building Médiathèque Francois Miterand. It houses an excellent section the Maison du Middle Ages. For those interested in Poitiers history and culture, you can always visit the St. Croix Museum.