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      The forests surround the small town of Epinal on the Moselle River. Part of Lorraine Province, Epinal became home to a specific type of print, l’Epinal. It was famous internationally during the 19th and early 20th centuries. If you manage to find a hotel in Epinal, be sure to visit the Vosges Departmental Museum. You can view L’Epinal, there, as well as local pictures and sculptures. There are also several prints of this style on exhibit at the International Museum of Folk Art.There is more to explore than prints in town if you book an Epinal hotel. The 13th century Church of St. Maurice features an 11th century tower. The entombment is 15th century. The Virgin in the transept dates from the 1300s. Take family and friends out of their Epinal hotels for the day. Visit the demolished ruins of a castle from 1670 in the beautiful Parc du Château. Afterwards, you can head over to the Imagerie d’Epinal et Musée de l’Image. Relax afterwards knowing will help you locate your next vacation hotel.