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The Vosges region of France is synonymous with skiing, and the town of La Bresse is no different. Although the area has particular renown for cross-country skiing, there are several resorts in the area with downhill ski pistes. In fact, over 1,000 kilometers of ski slopes wind through the La Bresse forest. The highest point in the region is the Grand Ballon, measuring 1,424 meters, but there are options for beginning skiers as well. Although after looking on you might not want to stay at a resort, the largest resort alone has over 36 ski slopes and 33 ski lifts.If you are tired of skiing, there are a number of other options for visitors in La Bresse. The Lac des Corbeaux, or Corbeaux Lake, is set beautifully below the ski area, and offers other recreational activities or just a romantic place for a walk. For trips around the region, visit the nearby town of Strasbourg, or the home of Jeanne d’Arc in Domremy.