Hotels in Le Thillot

Le Thillot Details

Le Thillot is located in the Vosges region of France. The region dates back to the 1700s and is located in the northeast part of the country. While visiting this part of France, be certain to visit the Roman fortified town of Grand, where you can see an amphitheatre and a temple to the cult of Apollo. Domremy, the hometown of Joan of Arc, is also nearby, and certainly worth a visit. In addition, you can visit the site of the Battle of Vosges, an important battle during the French Revolution.Cycling is also very popular in this part of France, so it’s a perfect place for vacationing if you’d enjoy day long bike trips in the hills. The town is small, so Le Thillot hotels are few. However, can help you find a hotel here or in surrounding towns of the Vosges region. This is a lovely part of France, and one you’re certain to enjoy.