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      Just two hours drive south of Paris, you will find the town famous for its Chablis wine. Auxerre has a population of 40,000, and it is home to many historical and cultural sights that attract numerous visitors during the weekend. Auxerre offers a tour of Le Chablisienne as a main attraction, where participants can take delight in free wine testing. There are a few structures of great historical significance, such as the fortified church of Vezelay and the abbeys of Abbatiale and Abbaye St-Germain. Auxerre has a few noteworthy museums as well, including the Musée St-Germain and Musée Leblanc-Duvernoy.You can conveniently visit these places of interest from nearby Auxerre hotels, or join day tours organized by the hotels in Auxerre. There is a good selection of Auxerre cheap hotels that provide great accommodation and travel services. You can visit the travel site to find out about the availability and locations of discount hotels. Auxerre promises a great vacation with great attractions and accommodation.