Hotels in Carolingian Crypts

        Carolingian Crypts Details

        In places like Auxerre that have been through quite an impressive history when it comes to religion, it can be expected that there are really secrets that have been kept within its many churches. One of such churches is the St-Germain Abbey, which hides one of the lesser known but still worthy attractions of Auxerre, the Carolingian Crypts.Being one of the best kept secrets of the city of Auxerre, the crypts have been preserved amazingly well. The tombs are actually decorated with quite a lot of frescoes, some of which date way back to the 19th century. Excavations done in the area in more recent times resulted in the finding of evidence that points to activities in the crypts from the Merovingian period, which started at about the end of the 5th century. Because of the history and the impressive frescoes in the Carolingian Crypts, this is definitely among the many amazing attractions in Auxerre that visitors should take the time to visit.