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        Palace of Justice Details

        Because it is a town that is rich in history, culture and heritage, it is just expected that one can see a lot of impressive structures within Auxerre. These buildings are among the crowd-drawers that bring in the necessary revenue for the growth of tourism in Auxerre and one of these is the Palace of Justice.This magnificent structure has stood in the heart of the town for quite a number of centuries. It is considered to be one of the most imposing and grand structures in the city. The structure is far more than just a building with a facade that is attractive to look at, it has been and will continue to be part of the French establishment. It is a lasting reminder of the importance that was accorded to the republic after the French revolution and to the rule of law. Being a player in the tourism of Auxerre, the building also holds public exhibitions from time to time.

        Address: Rue du Grand Caire, Auxerre 89000, France