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        In cities like Auxerre, you can expect to see many magnificent works of man like bridges, monuments and museums, that have become quite great attractions. This is because these developments are more plentiful in cities than in small towns. One of the man-made landmarks in Auxerre that can be considered to be among the best is the Pont Paul Bert.Constructed in the year 1857, this beautiful bridge links the two sides of the city of Auxerre across the River Yonne. In line with this, it serves as one of the primary points in the city that are used to cross the river. The bridge is quite a well-known point of convergence also for both locals and tourists. This is because it provides some of the best views in the city. On summer days when there are no clouds on the sky, you can actually see most of the city reflected on the river if one stands on the bridge. This is quite a breathtaking sight, especially if its your first time. The bridge, which is among the best landmarks in Auxerre is also popular for daily walks across.

        Address: Pont Paul Bert 89000 Auxerre, France