Hotels in St-Etienne Cathedral

        St-Etienne Cathedral Details

        One of the most notable attractions that make up the tourism of Auxerre are its religious structures. This is because the city has quite a long-standing history when it comes to religion and it is also known to house some great and impressive churches. One of these is the St-Etienne Cathedral.The cathedral is housed in an interesting structure that was built over a period of some three hundred years, between the 13th and 16th century. The western facade of the building must probably be the primary reason why the cathedral is quite well-known. This facade is a striking piece of Gothic architecture that is topped by one majestic seventy-metre high bell tower. This bell tower is known to cast a shadow across the city center. The series of beautiful frescoes that can be found within the crypt of the church are considered to the among the finest and the best in the area. This results in the cathedral being frequently visited, making it a great contributor to the tourism of Auxerre.

        Address: 42000 Saint-tienne, France