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        St-Germain Abbey Details

        Among the major attractions of any town and city in France or in the rest of Europe for that matter are its churches. This is because this country has quite a colorful history when it comes to religion and has quite a lot of impressive structures that depict this history. One of these churches is the St-Germain Abbey, which is one of the most notable attractions in Auxerre.This beautifully magnificent church has been a pivotal part of the community of Auxerre for quite a number of centuries now. Its popularity began in the Middle Ages when pilgrims from other places across Europe began to travel just to get here, so they would be able to learn more of the church's teachings as well as of the Bible. The abbey, which is housed in a beautiful building that is located quite near to the river, has become one of the most prominent as well as most frequented attractions in Auxerre.

        Address: 2bis Place Saint-Germain, 89000 Auxerre, France