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Located southeast of Auxerre, Avallon is a quiet town of 9,000 inhabitants. There are many places of great historical and cultural interest in this town that you can visit over the weekend. Avallon has a few religious buildings with impressive architecture, including the 13th century Cathedral of St-Etienne and the Romanesque Church of St-Lazare. You can also visit the great tower of Tour de LHorloge and the Le Monument Aux Morts which is a monument for those who died during the war that took place from 1914 to 1918. Those who are interested in museums will find the Musée de l'Avallonnais a most worthwhile place to visit.There are several hotels in Avallon that provide excellent accommodation for tourists. Avallon has many hotels located close to the major attractions, some of which are discount hotels. Avallon is best explored through one of the guided tours offered by Avallon hotels. For more information about Avallon cheap hotels, you will find a complete list of them in