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Who has not heard of Chablis It is both a famous delicate, dry white wine and a town. Many tourists plan to stay in hotels in Chablis for this reason – to sample the wine. One of the town’s attractions is its wine-tasting tours. can help you locate Chablis hotels near the wine fields. You can also visit ancient wine cellars. The Petit Pontigny, once home to the winemaking facilities of the Cistercian Monks of Pontigny, is on rue Chichée. It also housed the Abbots of Fife. Later, General Gras, the inventor of the Gras Rifle, lived here.Chablis offers more to its visitors than fine white wine. There is the beautiful stone Town Hall and the remnants of the Porte Noël – 2 rounded towers. Most Chablis hotels allow easy access to the central streets of this picturesque, red-roofed town. Visit the now closed late 12th century Saint Pierre Church. There is also St. Martin. This church features a 50-meter tower. You can also visit the chapel of L’hospice du Hôtel Dieu.