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Inhabited since the days of the Roman Empire, the town of Sens can be found in the Yonne department of France. Sens is a clean and pretty little town, with lots of flowers and green grass. There are several areas of the city where you can go to enjoy the beauty of nature. Both Mill Tan and the Ballastiere Parks are pleasant places to take a walk and admire the view. Shopping is possible in downtown Sens each day except for Sunday and Tuesday. On Mondays and Friday mornings, there is a market set up in the Town Square. Cheap hotels in Yonne are quaint and picturesque, and a good value for the traveler.Nightlife is fairly tame in Sens. There are several bars and nightclubs available. Other attractions include a bowling alley and two cinemas. There is also a theatre, and the tourist office of Sens will have the information concerning who will be appearing at the theatre. Discount hotels in Yonne can be booked well in advance of your visit. Those who wish to stay in a certain area of Sens are urged to seek accommodations early.