Hotels in Bougival

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Bougival Details

Bougival, like so many towns and villages in the Île de France, is overshadowed by the proximity to Paris. Today, some refer to Bougival as a western suburb of this famous city. Yet, it has its own charms. This is where fashionable villas sprung up in the 19th century. You can visit the villa of George Bizet where he composed Carmen. You may even stay in one. provides choices and choice hotels in Bougival. Perhaps, you may locate a hotel in Bougival where one of the impressionists stayed. This town is the “Cradle of Impressionism.” Monet, Pierre August Renoir and Alfred Sisley all came to Bougival. They sought the light. They also danced and swam near the Laundrette de Bouganville. They admired and painted the locks.Enjoy the light as it streams through the windows of your own Bougival hotel. Wander the quiet streets where they walked. Look into the waters of the River Seine. It features in many impressionist paintings. Walk through the parks. This town has many for you to enjoy. There are terraces. You should also visit the 12th century church. You can locate Notre Dame in the historical center. It has an octagonal church tower.