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    Buc falls in the Yvelines province of Ile-de-France in the northern part of France. Earlier it was known as ‘Buccum’ or ‘Buscum’ a name that it got from the boxwood tree, a profusion of which you will find in the area. It was also known as the ‘Mecca of aviation’ in the 20th Century with the Louis Bleriot airfield becoming a major centre for aviation in the Paris region. An aqueduct was built in 1683 to 1684 to help bring in water to the Versailles ponds. Overall it is an enchanting town and a must see place. In case you are debating on where to begin your hunt for a good hotel, provides you with a selection of hotels, including discount hotels throughout the area.Once you have snugly moved into your hotel, you can decide on what you would like to see and explore. The Fort du Haut-Buc, the Chateau du Haut-Buc, Eglise Saint-Jean-Baptiste, and the green valley of Bievre are some of the interesting tourist sites. Horse riding, fishing, hiking, a gym, stadium, shooting range and a recreational centre are the activities that are available here. You will find all kinds of hotels in Buc because the area comes under the industrial zone of Paris.