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The center of old Coignières is the church. Église Saint Germain de Coignières has been the heart of the town since the 13th century. The small village, remaining a small village from the 10th century, grew up around the church. Although Romanesque architecture, the bell towers are from the 19th century, the stained glass windows 15th century. The vault dates from 1553. Use to find a suitable hotel in Coignières near the center. You can then visit the church and its cemetery. Graves contain many commonwealth soldiers. The town has an effectively simple war memorial to honor all the dead.Coignières has an interesting past. It was once on the post route. There were deliveries from Chartres to Paris. You can still see the old Relay Station. It dates from 1706. The old railway station, which replaced the courier system, is from 1849. Book a Coignières hotel to follow the route to Paris, heading southwest to Versailles.