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Walls once surrounded the community of Epône. The remains of the 16th century protection are on rue de la Brèche. Other glimpses of the past include the former pillar on rue d’Antar. It is inscribed with the letters ND. This stands for “to Notre Dame.” The Church Saint Béat originates in the 12th century. Its octagonal bell tower predates 1150. This Romanesque structure is in the center of town. If you can, book early with You will locate some central hotels in Epône. It will allow you to enjoy your holiday.One of the many attractions to visitors is the Park. A weathered stone cross, the Croix Saint-Aubin, sits in Castle or Château Park. Unfortunately, the original Château was destroyed during the war in 1944. You can still wander the grounds. They include several architectural pieces. The Temple sous bois, Temple of Friendship, or Temple Davide is a favorite. You can reach this and other sights, easily, from many hotels in Epône. You may also want to look at their two memorials. A simple memorial commemorates the wars. Another commemorates the liberation of the city. Simply, ask for directions at your Epône hotel to these and other attractions.