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Guyancourt is a town known for its closeness to nature. Vallée de la Bièvre runs through this town and with it are the ponds that add importance to its natural beauty, drawing many visitors for the weekend. Guyancourt shows her dedication to nature with the museum named the Maison de l'OPIE (Office Pour l'Information Eco-Entomologique). Here youll see live insects and you can also have a crash course in entomology if you desire. Like other places in France, Guyancourt also has its share of century old places. Theres the Eglise Saint-Victor, a 16th century church that has parts that was already laid out as early as the 13th century. Theres also the 19th century Manoir de Châteauneuf where some of its structures were built during the 16th century.Hotels in Guyancourt can be found in As discount hotels, Guyancourt will give you all the things that you need for your trip either as a tour guide in Paris (only 30 minutes away) or the town itself. Guyancourt hotels are known to be accommodating, making it the choice of most visitors who want to visit Paris. Guyancourt cheap hotels are your perfect choice of hotel to have a relaxing holiday.