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Milon la Chapelle is a small village in the north central part of France. It is adjacent to the Natural Park of the Upper Valley of Chevreuse. It is one of Frances 46 Natural Parks that are designed to preserve wildlife and plant life. It is definitely worth your time to stroll or bike through the park. Youre almost certain to catch a glimpse of some wildlife.The village itself is rustic but very charming. There are a few shops and restaurants, and one of the hotels in Milon la Chapelle even has a spa. You can also visit the beautiful Chateau de la Madeleine on your visit to Milon la Chapelle. It is located at the top of the Chevreuese. This magnificent fortress from the 11th century is open for tours all year. All in all, its the perfect small town for relaxing from the bright lights and noise of Paris, which is just an hour or so away.