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        O’Sullivan’s Venue Details

        There are really people who love to enjoy a great night out that is complete with all-out singing, complemented by a couple of drinks. These people are usually the ones who make it a point to find venues that provide this kind of fun, whether they are in their own hometown or out on a holiday. In France, the O'Sullivan's Venue is definitely one of such hopping places. As a result, great revenues are gained for the tourism of Saint-Germain-en-Laye through the patronage propelled by the music place.Even if O'Sullivan's Venue may just be a small music venue, its Irish style holds an appeal that is becoming quite famous in France. The music club does not only offer drinks and the good old-fashioned type of sing-along, it also provide an electrical atmosphere to jam up your evenings. Because rock bands tend to gravitate to the club, it has acquired the reputation for having the liveliest and busiest ambiance around, making it a great contributor to the tourism of Saint-Germain-en-Laye.

        Address: Rue de Pontoisse, Saint Germain En Laye 78180, France