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Getting to know France is like enjoying a fine piece of cheese. With every second you prolong your stay in the country, the rich taste of its deep culture and gorgeous scenery becomes even more sensual and fulfilling. As an example of this gastronomically fantastic beauty, the town of Villiers-le-Mahieu stands as a solid representation of all there is to enjoy about the legendary country of culture, edible or otherwise. For example, the Museum of National Antiques is an establishment loaded with intellectual value, one that represents a history that could of been lost to the ages if it wasn't for a fine shrine of culture such as this one. Another great place to visit is the International Museum of Native Art. When it comes to museums, Villiers-le-Mahieu is a slice of cake.Just remember that hotels in Villiers-le-Mahieu are often crowded, so reserve a room early and easily with After all, you wouldn't want to miss a fine opportunity to be one of the first people of the year to experience the glorious design and historical merit of the Ivan Turgenev House. Just the name alone of that magnificent home would certainly be worth transcribing for prosterity's sake. Remember that you have a great number of other places in France to see and explore as well, but don't wait on your opportunity to get started by staying in a Villiers-le-Mahieu hotel first.