Hotels in Georgia

    Georgia Details

    Georgia achieved independence from the Soviet Union in 1991 but has a distinctive Mediterranean atmosphere in many locations. The capital of Tbilisi is a good example with its winding streets and a preserved old city. In the old city are found many historical buildings including the ancient 5th century Sioni Cathedral and the 4th century Narikala Fortress. Tbilisi also has the Georgian State Museum and the Museum of Ethnography. can help you find a number of budget hotels in Georgia in Tbilisi or other cities found during travels along the Georgian Military Highway. This highway will take you through the Greater Caucasus mountains in the north with their steep valleys and breathtaking views. Mount Shkhara is 5,201 meters high. In the south of Georgia is found the Lesser Caucasus Mountains.Georgia has many caves including the Voronya Cave documented as the world’s deepest. There is also a system of natural caves east of Gori called Uplistsikhe which were inhabited until the 14th century. Visitors staying in cheap hotels in Georgia should visit the western rain forests and the eastern plains to get a true idea of the geographical diversity. Throughout this country are numerous ancient sites including the Samtavro Monastery built in the 11th century and the 6th century Jvari Cathedral.